Our Office

Welcome to our office. We are constantly improving our facilities with the goal of providing a soothing professional atmosphere. Currently we have 3 exam rooms that are open with short term plans to open 2 more exam rooms and a procedure room. We expect to have our surgical room completed within the next two weeks. Dr. Davis will be able to complete all but the most complicated and invasive surgeries from her office on an outpatient basis.

Our current waiting room lacks the amenities we would like to offer our patients. Over the next several weeks we will be expanding the waiting area, adding televisions and a complimentary beverage area. We do apologize but when we started the practice late last year our primary goal to get a functional office and spend all of our time seeing to the immediate care of our patients. Now that we have a trained office staff and established procedures we can focus our attention on the aesthetics of the office.

Our patient rooms fully equipped to meet the needs of any examination our patients may need. Over the coming months we will be renovating these rooms to add a soothing color scheme, in room tv, and privacy curtains.

Keep an eye out for our improvements over the coming months.

Currently Dr. Davis performs all of her major procedures and deliveries at Palo Pinto General Hospital. PPGH has a newly built day surgery unit that is very well maintained and professional. In addition to the surgery center all of PPGH's birthing suites have all been recently renovated and include mahogany wood floors, large comfortable bed, large walk in showers with a bath, very large rooms for visiting family.